Bamenda: Old Town Breathes as crackdown on drugs continues

26 persons arrested with drugs

Residents of old town in Bamenda are expressing their thanks to the elements of the police for a continuous crackdown on dealers in drugs.

Rampant theft, prostitution and general frustrations of the youth is the order of the day.

The Central Police in Bamenda has been in a raid to weed off drugs from the community.

Police Commissioner, Emmanuel Mbock 

According to Police Commissioner, Emmanuel Mbock, the special operation was ordered by the Regional Delegate of National Security for the North West, Police Commissioner Elung Wilson Njume.

The operations that started on the 21st April 2024, continued on Sunday 28th April around the outback area in Ntambag quarters, old town.

A total of 26 persons were arrested with a good quantity of tramadol, cocaine, Kayou and other drug types, retrieved.

Emmanuel Mbock stated that a total of 1.9 million francs CFA was taken from the dealers.

The Commissioner in a conversation with The Observer was categorical that "the holiday period is over for those who sell drugs in old town. They either stop or they should park out of Bamenda. The dangers of these drugs in the society, the future of our youth is in jeopardy. We cannot continue like this." Commissioner Mbock told the Observer.

Oumarou Bakari, one of those arrested 

One of those arrested, Oumarou Bakari blamed the security forces for effecting this arrest very late. 

"Every time we see them, they come, collect money and go. So when we saw them today, we knew it was for their regular collections. We were taken aback that we were arrested." 

Asked what should be done to stop them from consuming the drugs, Bakari said "once you're in it, it is very difficult to come out. We will only depend on Allah for a rescue."

Bakari went further to suggest to the security forces to arrest all the main suppliers of the drug, those who own houses where these drugs are consumed. He says if the drugs are not readily available, they will have no choice than to quit.

Some of the drugs retrieved 

Those arrested range from the ages of 18 to 40 years. 

No bail procedure will be opened for them at the level of the police station and they will be sent to awaiting trial.

The aspect of drug sale and consumption at old town in Bamenda has been a bone in the neck of the locals.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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