Bafut Council Mayor decorated as most Dynamic in Canada

Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence received award in Canada 

The Mayor of Bafut Council Ngwakongoh Lawrance has been awarded as the best dynamic Mayor in Canada during a conference on the Learning Mission on Tourism and Local Development that opened its doors in Lac Megantic.  The Mayor and development actors were part of the Cameroonian delegation led by Jean Solaire Kuete, General Director of Universal Business and Tour.

Signs win-win partnership 

The event in MATDEL Canada began on April 1st and ended on April 20, 2024, organized by the UBT Agency in partnership with the World Center of Excellence for Destinations, the institutional support of the Ministry of Tourism and Leisure, and the sponsorship of the MRC du Granit (Quebec-Canada). Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence participation at the conference saw the organizers handed to him a certificate of recognition for the great role he played at the conference by fully representing the people of his community, Bafut.

Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence did not only get a recognition but  an MoU for the promotion and Development of the Tourism potential of Bafut was signed between the World Centre of Excellence Destination (CED), represented by its Director, Pro.  Dr. Francois Bedard and the Bafut Council, represented by, Ngwakongoh Lawrence. " I went out to hurt for my people and indeed made a good catch. Bafut in the tourism sector will see day light now. This MoU will let to the development of abandoned touristic sites in Bafut. This will also let to the employment of our youth. Bafut will change", said the Mayor. He said before he returns home, other deals will be sealed with many institutions in CANADA in order to transform Bafut Municipality.


Neba Jerome Ambe 

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