Bamenda Central Prison: CPDM Mezam IV Section visits Bafut inmates; donates foodstuff, pregnancy kits

Mezam IV CPDM donates to Bafut inmates 

Militants and sympathizers of the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement, CPDM Mezam IV Section, Bafut have visited inmates of the Bamenda Central Prison.

The CPDM party members according to section President, Ngwakongoh Lawrence, came to check on the welfare of inmates from Bafut extraction, encourage them not to lose hope and to leave the correctional facility a better person.

WCPDM Section President, Chesi Lum Miriam

From Madam Chesi Lum Miriam, WCPDM Section President to Anyelle Gordon, member of the Regional Assembly and other Elite of Bafut extraction, they took turns to encourage the inmates to focus on the true value of life.

"We came to encourage our brothers and sisters from Bafut extraction at the Bamenda Central Prison to know that being here is not the end of the world. We need them back home to build a better Bafut, stronger in unity.

"We told them the story of Nelson Mandela. From prison to president. This we encouraged them to be law abiding, respect the rules of the correctional facility and use their time gainfully in the workshops to gain skills." Anyelle Gordon told The Observer.

The section came with food stuffs like rice, plantains, toiletries, oil and others to support the inmates.

The inmates at the Bamenda Central Prison are well constituted. Under the leadership of Kennedy, appreciated the CPDM party members for coming to check on them, pledging to be law abiding and serve their respective terms with due diligence.

The superintendent of the Bamenda Central prison, Asaah-Ngu Mbah Walter, appreciated the move from the CPDM family, saying that it was a rare occurrence to have a party visit inmates and like Oliver twist, appealed to them to come back more often to support them and inspire hope.

As the Bafut CPDM delegation left the Bamenda Central Prison, there was a fervent appeal to support a pregnant inmate who is due and doesn't have basic social needs to meet child delivery.

Mezam IV CPDM Section, Bafut, Gives to pregnant woman

One day after the fervent appeal, the CPDM team went back to the Bamenda Central on Saturday, 2nd March 2024 to provide delivery kits to the pregnant woman and some cash. 

On hand, the mother-to-be who recounted that her delivery is due in two weeks, wept as she appreciated the gesture for the party.

"I was totally confused as to how I will manage to put to birth safe and sound. We made this appeal only yesterday and here they're today. Indeed these are servants of the people." Her remarks as loosely translated from prison.

The CPDM Mezam IV Section Bafut under the leadership of Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence has promised to assist sons and daughters of Bafut in situations of dire need for an emergent municipality. 


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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