Ndian: At Biya's Anniversary Celebration; Former SDF Mayor, 200 others Decamp to CPDM

CPDM Ndian welcomes New Members

Over 200 supporters of the opposition Social Democratic Front, SDF, party in Ndian division of the South West region have resigned and decamped to the ruling Cameroon People's Democratic Movement, CPDM, party.
They joined the CPDM party on Monday, November 6, 2023, in Mundemba, headquarters of Ndian division, during celebrations to mark the 41st anniversary of the accession of President Paul Biya to the supreme magistracy of the state .
The converts from Toko Subdivision were led by the former Mayor of Toko Council under the SDF party ticket, Nganda Valentine Beyoko.

Their decamping to the CPDM party is seen as an anniversary gift to the National President of the CPDM party, His Excellency Paul Biya, who is also the President of the Republic.

It is regarded as a big blow to the SDF party especially to their newly elected National Chairman, Osih Joshua Nambangi, a traditional ruler of Madie Ngolo in Ndian division.

On the other hand, the move is an indication that the CPDM party is waxing on strong in the area.
Toko Subdivision has been a stronghold of the SDF party in Ndian division and the recent decamping has been qualified as the last straw that breaks the Camel's back because it was the only place in the division with a large SDF following as the entire Ndian division has a CPDM party majority.

Political analysts are of the opinion that their decision to decamp must have been influenced by the developmental strides in Ndian division by the Prime Minister, Head of Government, Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute, who is a diehard CPDM party militant and son of the division.
With upcoming political consultations in the country, the analysts have noted that opposition parties have no place in Ndian division.

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