Former SDF NW Organising Secretary Joins CPDM

Head of the CPDM NW Delegation welcomes Shusi Peter 

Shusi Peter, former Regional Organising Secretary of the Social Democratic Front has joined the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement, the CPDM.

Shusi Peter who was North West Organising Secretary of the SDF when they captured the Senatorial seats in 2018 declared at the Bamenda Congress Hall that he has decided to join the CPDM.

"I have seen the development strides that have been made by the Mayor and the Member of Parliament. It will not be wise that as a politician who has militated with the SDF for the last 33 years, to be fighting them. I believe that unity is strength and I have today decided to join the CPDM for the development of Bafut." Shusi Peter Ambe said.

Shusi Peter addressing militants of the CPDM

It should be noted that he previously served as a councillor of the Bafut council under the SDF.

To welcome him to the CPDM, Prime Emeritus, Philemon Yang saluted his decision to join the CPDM. Noting that it is a wise decision as the CPDM is the party of the future.

Shusi Peter Ambe joined the CPDM as militants and sympathizers of the ruling party gathered at the Bamenda Congress Hall to celebrate the 41st anniversary of the accession to the supreme magistracy of President Paul Biya, President of the Republic.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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