As Senators take accoutrements: Senator Mbella Moki promises to put Citizen Interest first

Senator Mbella Moki Charles

Senator charles Mbella Moki has described his entry into the third Senate legislature as a special moment for him that challenges him and his peers to face the problems plaguing the country especially the impasse in the North West and South West Regions.

Senator Mbella Moki was speaking in Yaounde shortly after receiving his accoutrements as member of the Senate from 2023 to 2028.

Mbella Moki says the challenges facing the nation requires "the collective efforts of each and everyone of us from local councils to regional councils. All of that will need the consented effort of each and everyone of us." Senator Mbella Noted.

Quizzed if he will remain vocal on key National issues, Senator Mbella Moki Charles responded that he does not work on promises. 

"I don't work on promises. I work on records. My record is there and it is for me to improve on what I did before. I will continue to be who I am. This is the Mbella Moki my mother gave birth to."

The Senator known to be frank, open minded as he discusses key national issues has has however promised to render service with a lot distinction and without reproach.

First elected in 2013, Senator Mbella Moki Charles comes back to the Senate with a wealth of experience and as a key actor in the Decentralisation drive in Cameroon.

The man credited with numerous achievements during his time in Buea as Mayor, is widely known to put the interest of his people first during the debating and adoption of laws.

Senator Mbella Moki Charles is coming back into the Senate with many others who will be serving their first mandates. He says the third legislature has brought new blood, dynamism and prays that this legislature meets the aspirations of the Cameroonian people.

As the 100 senators received their attirbutes on Saturday 15th April 2023, eyes are not focused on who emerges as the Senate President and those who will be elected into the Senate bureau.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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