Senatorial Elections: Sunday Richard, Senate Aspirant, supports Campaigns in Mezam

Councillors salute Sunday Richard for his gesture

Sunday Richard, one of the aspirants for a seat at the Senate, whose file was not retained by the CPDM has continued to campaign for the substantive candidate in Mezam.

Saturday, March 11th, Sunday Richard was spotted in all of the CPDM-run councils, offering breakfast to the councilors.

Councillors at the Regional Assembly strategizing ahead of Sunday polls  

He spoke to the Councillors of Bali, Bafut, Santa, Tubah, Bamenda II, and Bamenda I to support the candidacy of Prof Mrs. Neba Ndosiri Bridget. 

"She is the right candidate for the CPDM. We must ensure that we come out of this process victorious and stronger as a people and as a party" Sunday Richard was spotted talking to councilors.

Alongside the substantive candidate, Prof Mrs. Neba, they called on the councilors of Bamenda I to be prudent, shun pressure, take their time, and cast the right vote for the CPDM.

Despite his candidacy not being retained, Sunday Richard has not relented in his efforts in ensuring that the CPDM emerges victorious.

During the launch of campaigns on March 25, 2023, Sunday Richard supported the Campaigns with 500,000 Francs.

The current financial controller of the Bamenda City Council is the current treasurer of CPDM Mezam IV Tubah.

He has pledged his support to continuously make the CPDM greater in Tubah and Mezam enlarged.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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