Senatorial Elections: Prof Fru Angwafo III casts vote for Development

Prof Fru Angwafo III, at Mezam Polling station

The President of the North West Regional Assembly Prof Fru Angwafo III has casted his vote targeting development at the Divisional Headquarters for Mezam for the Senatorial Elections, Sunday March 12, 2023.

Being one of the early voters to exercise his civic responsibility Prof Fru expressed satisfaction noting that the Institution is very important for the development of the North West region.

"I feel good, it is a wonderful thing to exercise my civic duty. I think it's an obligation for us to vote senators and the Senate is a very important institution for our region. Regional Assembly works with the senators from our region so that our development plans are not only funded but take priority as in our national strategic development plan 2023."

Working in close collaboration with the Senate house to Prof Fru is a means to attain the lasting peace and development for the region which is a top priority to the Regional Assembly.

"We are part of a chain from the local Council to the Regional Assembly to the Senate. When we work in cohesion, we stand a chance of fast-tracking the peace and development that our people yearn for. "

At press time, councillors are queued to cast their votes for the two lists of the CPDM and SDF.

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