Senatorial Elections: CPDM Corrects 2018 Blunder, Tightens Grip on Councillors

Philemon Yang, President of the Regional Campaign Commission

Councillors of the governing Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement have been meeting with various party stakeholders to better planned for the March 12th Senatorial Elections.

Unlike in 2018 when the party did not pay attention to the wishes of councillors who needed kickbacks, the party has opened its eyes wide to the demands and aspirations of the councillors.

Local leaders of the party have been engaged to formally meet councillors in session ahead of the elections.

Despite the call from the  Prime Minister Emeritus for the councillors to give back to the party what the party gave them in 2020, the party is not oblivious of the fact that this is an election and everything is possible.

The Seven substantive candidates 

The candidates have been holding meetings with the councillors of the various councils to explain their mission and mandate.

Most meetings have been taking place at the Bamenda Ayaba Hotel as some councils have programmed their Administrative and Management account sessions in the build up to the elections.

Some council areas are still mobilizing resources to make the stay of the councillors befitting before, during and after the elections.

With this strategy, The Observer believes that the CPDM is correcting the errors of 2018 and tightening the gab from any potential SDF intrusion.

The March 12 Senatorial Elections will be held at Divisional Headquarters with the CPDM having a majority of the councillors. The SDF controls just one of the 34 councils in the North West.

With the current performance of the SDF, many pundits have whispered to The Observer that the CPDM list will receive a resounding victory.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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