Mezam IV Section Extends Gratitude to CPDM for Alternate Senator

Party bigwigs cuts anniversary cake

The CPDM Mezam IV Section, Bafut have extended their gratitude to the CPDM party for giving them the position of Alternate Senator.

The vote of thanks was expressed by the Section President, Ngwakongoh Lawrence who was grateful that though the Section did not have the substantive, they were remembered.

While presenting Madam Lum Julianna to the militants of the party, he reminded them to continue to stand by the ideals of the new deal. A party whose interest is to foster the peace and development of Cameroon.

Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence, Section President 

Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence prided himself that the councillors of Bafut Council gave the party a 100% vote in the March 12th Senatorial Elections.

While congratulating the militants, he called on the young persons who are not yet registered to enroll on the electoral list as an election can only be won by casting a ballot.

Madam Mejang Jacqueline 

Speaking at the occasion, the Central Committee adviser to Bafut, Mrs Mejang Jacqueline used the occasion to call on the youth in the bushes to bury their hatchets and work for the development of Cameroon.

She challenged them to down their weapons and work for the enhancement of the development of Bafut.

Madam Mejang also called on the councillors and party militants to continue their ground works so as to retain the Bafut council come 2025.

A message gladly received by the militants of Bafut and seconded by the Member of Parliament for Bafut-Tubah constituency, Hon Agho Oliver. 

The member of Parliament, Hon Agho Oliver, speaking to The Observer said the massive mobilisation during the Senatorial Elections and at the party anniversary is testimony of the vibrancy of the CPDM in Bafut.

Hon Agho Oliver 

The party has promised to retain the council and parliamentary seat when the party clocks 40 in 2025.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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