Bamenda-Ekok Road: Drivers Request dismantling of illegal Check points


Cars grounded at the Hospital roundabout 

Drivers plying the Bamenda-Batibo-Mamfe-Ekok road and the Bamenda-Kumba road have threatened to park down forever if nothing is done by the government of Cameroon to diamantle the numerous check points found along this stretch of road which is a transborder road that links Bamenda to West Africa. 

The drivers echoed this threat during a strike action Wednesday February 1, 2023 recounting the difficulties they undergo which ranges from extortion, induced bribe and verbal assault that makes them to return home with almost nothing. 

Speaking to The Observer in the course of the strike action, One  of the drivers lamented that several check points are found alongside the road which causes drivers to 'settle control' with or without car documents before passing. 

Bamenda-Bali road 

As a result of this, drivers are forced to collect more than the usual tariff from passengers. Even after the collection and uncharacteristic payments to uniform officers, what they return home with is not enough to take care of their families’ basic needs. An action which they need to put an end to. 

“It has come to a level that it seems like this crisis was instigated by drivers which we want to put an end to it, if the government does not want to hear from us, we will park down forever”

He added by explaining their reason for the strike saying after complaining on several occasions, nothing is done. “We are Out because of the many check points on the Bamenda, Batibo, Mamfe, Ekok and Kumba highway. As transporters, we have complained to the government several times but nothing is done. "It is getting to six years since this crisis rocking these regions started and us the transporters are there struggling to see that we transport persons to their locations, sometimes admist gunshots.”

This particular stretch of road is a transnational highway linking Cameroon and the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Should they eventually park down for good as indicated, it is going to greatly hamper businesses and business men who travel to Nigeria to pitch goods.

It should be noted that this is not the first strike action taking place in the North West region. Drivers plying the Bamenda-Bambili stretch had launched a similar strike action months ago as a result of the numerous Check points also found on this stretch.

The grounding of vehicles have greatly hampered the movement of goods and persons from to and from Nigeria. 

This resultant effect has led to businesses along this stretch from hospital roundabout, paralyzed.

By Anye Nde Nsoh

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