North West celebrates Paul Biya at 90

Paul Achombang hands portrait of the Head-of-state to North West Governor

Young persons in the North West Region have joined the active forces of the region to celebrate the 90th birthday of President Paul Biya.

The young persons joined by several bike riders met at the esplanade of the North West Governor's office where praises were thrown at the Head of state for his selfless service to the nation.

North West Governor, Adolphe Lele LAfrique just like the Honourable Agho Oliver thanked President Biya for sacrificing 60 years of his life at the service of the nation.

Hon Agho Oliver saluted the special grace of God in the life of the president. According to him, this is due to personal discipline and his service to humanity.

Hon Agho Oliver salutes President Biya, hands appreciation to Governor

Quoting Psalms 90 versus 10, which states "Seventy years is all we have - eighty years if you're strong," depicts the unwavering love of on the life of President Paul Biya and the immeasurable strength he possesses to clock 90.

North West Governor also saluted the parents of the Paul Biya for giving Cameroon a jewel, a statesman of no common repute. Lele LAfrique notes that "He is the father to the fatherless, a father to the people with disabilities, the homeless and to the widows. A father of peace and a great developer."

Same words Bamenda City Mayor Achombang Paul highlights. He says he is celebrating with a lot of joy because Bamenda is full with projects executed because of his unwavering stewardship to the nation.

From schools to health centres, markets, bridges, opening of roads and the creation of the University of Bamenda, Paul Biya has shown his mastery of Cameroon.

Though Cameroon has gone through thick and thin, Hon Agho Oliver salutes the President for steering the ship towards safer shores.

Shores he says the youth of Cameroon can happily glide on because tomorrow belongs to them.

"We are accompanying our fathers today but it is sure that tomorrow's Cameroon is meant for the youths of today." The MP highlighted

Under the age of 40, Hon Agho is Member of Parliament for Bafut-Tubah constituency. One of several achievements highlighted by Mekom Samuel Taleh, President of the Cameroon National Youth Council for the North West.

He says the government under the stewardship of President Paul Biya has organised programmes for Youth empowerment like PAJER-U, PIFMAS and the triannual youth plan.

Mekom says this has gone a long way to improve the livelihood of young Cameroonians especially those of the North West.

While encouraging the Head-of-state to continue, the women saluted the increase in their number to above 30 percent in the Senate and the National Assembly.

Speaking on behalf of the women, Madam Fondufe Lydia, Commissioner of Health at the North West Regional Assembly credited President Biya for the appointment of female Ministers from the North West, a Vice Chancellor and a Rector, Female General Managers as well as women into councils and the regional assembly.

Born on the 13th February 1933 in Mvomeka, in the South Region of Cameroon, President Paul Biya has been at the helm of the state for the last 40 years.

He is also chairman of the ruling CPDM Party that currently has the majority in the Senate and the National Assembly.

Traditional dances graced the event in Bamenda as the North West Celebrates President Paul Biya's birthday for the very first time.


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