North West Regional Assembly Votes Community Centred 2023 Budget

Prof Fru Angwafo III

Regional councillors of the North West have voted a budget to improve on the livelihood of the community in 2023.

Focusing on palaces, museums and handicraft centres that have almost suffered a great deal since the armed conflict erupted in the North West will receive substantial support in 2023. Also, trees will be planted in sacred forests across the region. Some of these forests like that of Awing suffered from illegal logging as substantial amounts of the tress were fell by armed separatists.

Young persons in the region will be allowed to take part in High intensive Labour activities (HILA). The youths will be prepared and trained to better manage and invest the money gotten from the project so they become self sustaining.

In the domain of secondary education, the council seeks to construct an auto mechanic workshop at GTHS Funding and also rehabilitate the school.

Members of the North West House of Chiefs

SAR/SM Mbenwi in Momo, SAR/SM Babessi in Ngoketunjia, SAR/SM Jakiri in the Bui Division, SAR/SM Nkambe in the Donga Mantung and SAR/SM Wum in Menchum will also be rehabilitated while GTHS Mbengwi will benefit from an electrical workshop. Their counterparts in GTHS Bamendakwe will have a multipurpose library.

Mortuaries will be built in the Nwa health District and the Oku health districts respectively.

The management of the assembly, says the execution of these projects and the carrying out of some feasibility studies will be done to the tune 4.69 billion Francs CFA.

The budget receives a 1.69 billion increase as compared to that of 2022.

Of this budget, 60% is destined for investment while 40% will be used for recurrent Expenditure.

While closing the 9th ordinary session, the President of the Assembly, Prof Fru Angwafo III highlighted that they were still waiting for some decentralised funds for the maintenance of regional roads. This he says will increase the budget and will lead to an amendment of the budget when the funds are made available.

The 9th session wrapped up with the hope that the region is on the path of development.


Anye Nde Nsoh

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