NKUMU FED FED equips young people to tackle the challenges ahead of them

GBV Survivors receiving their Attestations

The over 70 teenage Gender Based Violence (GBV) survivors have received materials in over five domains being tailoring, Plumbing, weldering, hairdressing Motor Mechanics and Glass cutting.

This was during the graduation ceremony on October 15th, graduating in total 75 teenage GBV survivors who have undergone vocational training skills to help them become job creators.

The graduation exercise comes after a 10 month training course by NKUMU FED FED and Partners dubbed "Stop violence now against women and girls project" with support from the European Union EIDHR.

According to the President General of NKUMU FED FED, Eunice Tita Tata, "The graduation of this Batch, follows that of some 50 GBV survivors. The Beneficiaries too are drawn from all over the region and are survivors of gender base violence."

The representative of the United Nations Development Program,UNDP encourage the survivors to know that it is time for the young people to take care of the nation. With encouragements to the beneficiaries to be able to secure the basic necessity of their life which is where lively hood comes from as survivors. There should be impact on what has been given to this survors and it should first be seen on their families and then their communities.

According to Lum, a survivor, "I am doing hairdressing, they have been training us now for two years and I have learnt alot.

Aside from hair dressing they equally thought us how to cook. After receiving the training kits I intend to start up my own business because we have been empowered with skills to make our business grow and I will want to make a promise that when I will open will double what they have given me so I can empower other children coming up as well empower my society."

The National Employment Fund, pledge to Enhancement the skills gained, additional skills on how to run the training, follow up Appreciation for work done so far by NKUMU FED FED with them ready to copy and implement the examples of NKUMU FED FED.

This is done in partnership with the UNDP and the European Union which happens to be the biggest in terms of partnership with local NGO's.


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  1. Nkumu Fed Fed always putting the right peg in the right hole. Keep moving forward and upward.