Santa: Achidi Achu Foundation Uses Football to Build Peace

Jude Achidi handing prizes to participants 

The Achidi Achu Foundation, a Non Governmental Organization based in Santa Sub Division, North West Region of Cameroon has used football to contribute to a return to peace in the Sub Division.

This was during the just ended holiday football competition the organization organized for the population of Santa that wrapped up last Sunday August 28,2022.

Baptized the Achi Achu Foundation Football, the competition that had 8 teams battling for the top spot also brought together Santa sons and daughters from far and near.

The football jamboree was also organized in memory of the late former Prime Minister of Cameroon, Simon Achidi Achu who traveled to the world beyond on May 4, 2021.

The games were also aimed at promoting Social Integration and Education, promote Social cohesion, reduce Social and Gender-based violence, amongst others.

The finals of the game that saw Spactacus FC clashing with Starlight FC ended with the former emerging victorious over the later by 4 goals to 1 that sending supporters to total celebrations.

Created on Saturday July 09, 2022 in the presence of Peter Mafany Musonge and Philémon Yang, two former Prime Mininters, the Simon Achidi Achu Foundation was launched in the presence of Religious, Government, Parliamentary and Traditional authorities.

According to the President of the Foundation, Judith Yah Sunday, they are bent on making sure the legacy of Achidi Achu is never forgotten,

"It's about us thanking God for the life of our hero Simon Achidi Achu and we want to make sure he is not forgotten. We have a duty to ensure that his legacy endures," she said at the official launch of the foundation.
It was also an opportunity for the Achidi's family to present not only the foundation that bears the name of one of the great figures in the history of Cameroon, but also the various members who composed it. 

Many have described the Achidi Achu Foundation as a true representative of the legacy of the man who died on May 4, 2021. Its main purpose is to continue the humanitarian work of the former Prime Minister while honoring his memory as a peacemaker.

The foundation will be playing an active role in peace promotion, children's education, agriculture, assistance and empowerment of volnerable communities.

At a time when Cameroon is battling it out with Anglophone Separatist Movements, this foundation presents self as a favorable tool for a return of peace in the North West and South West regions.

The former Prime Minister was praised by the Minister of Vocational Training, Issa Tchiroma Bakary and former Prime Minister, Philemon Yang for contributing to the maintenance of peace through his actions during the troubles that occurred in Cameroon in the 1990s.
Simon Achidi Achu has constantly made efforts to succeed and he has always had the right attitude. I commend him for making great efforts all the time and adopting the right attitude whenever a situation arose, Minister ,Tchiroma said.
A Gala Night immortalized the football competition to appreciate all those who toke active part in the seven-week-event.

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