Lebialem Stages Historic Socioeconomic Conference, Plans Big For Division

Minister PAUL Tasong, Lebialem Elite 

Sons and Daughters of Lebialem extraction of the South West Region of Cameroon have met in an inclusive come together in Buea August 13th 2022.

The Lebialem socioeconomic conference took place at the Buea mountain Hotel under the patronage of the Minister Delegate to the Minister of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development, Paul Tasong.

The conference focused on where the Division is, where they ought to be and where they want to be. Paul Tasong in his opening remarks encouraged participants to be frank and resourceful in their contributions in order to make the Division great again. 

"Today is the beginning of the solidarity and a mobilisation drive in Lebialem.. We must stand up and say no, we can turn the situation around within a very short time. Today we will assess what we have done and what we failed to do." Minister Paul Tasong told the participants in his opening remarks. 

Traditional Dances 

Drawn from Alou, Menji and Wabane- the three subdivisions that make up Lebialem, key resolutions were taken to first ensure an effective school resumption in the area come September 2022. The participants also agreed that trade and economic activities should resume in the area without delay as the only means to empower the indigenes of the area. 

Cross section of participants 

Meeting a day earlier, the Fons of Lebialem took stock of the socioeconomic and political situation in the Division and saluted the increase collaboration of Lebialem sons and daughters with the forces of Law and order, recasting the curse that was pronounced upon Chris Anu and those acting in like manners, appreciating all those who have dropped their weapons so far and left the bushes and encouraging those still in the bush to drop their arms. 

Minister Tasong communes with his people 

The conference called on  the entire population of the Division, home and abroad to rally behind their political leaders, the administrative officers, religious leaders and civil society leaders to ensure effective resumption of schools and economic activities without further delay. 

In his closing remarks, Minister Tasong thanked all those who turned around to chip in their ideas on how the Division can return to normalcy again. 

"The need to change the narrative, that is Lebialem sons and daughters have the absolute role to play for peace to return in the Division while waiting in the Government to play its own part, as he mentioned the concept of the important of community labour to make sure the headquarter Menji be kept clean and cherish and protect everything that is theirs."

The sum of 3 million Francs raised by some elite was handed to the Mayor of Menji for the cleaning of the Divisional Headquarters thought community labour. 

Created in 1992, Lebialem Division is 30 years old today with denizens haven be subjected to numerous torture, Killings and maiming in the last six years of the armed conflict in the Division. 

As the Division tries to turn a new leaf, the Mayor of Menji is optimistic that the days ahead are better. 

"Today is one very big day for us because our own leader, Minister Paul Tasong has called us here and the sons and Daughters of Lebialem unite around him and our Fons. The town is virtually abandoned particularly the section hosting administrative services is grown into bushes and we have as a mandate to within a short possible time let live return to the Divisional headquarters." Mayor Nkemasong Nicasius told the press. 

Mayor of Menji

The political and traditional elite are now expected to work with the vital forces on the ground for long lasting peace to return especially with the disarming of the Red dragons and the killing of Olivier Lekeaka alias Filed Marshall.

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