Bad Roads: Bamenda Weeps, Volunteer renders road passable, Commuters applaud

Ngu Augustine, permanently working to see the roads passable 

Taxi drivers, vehicle owners and pedestrians continue to weep the very poor nature of roads in Bamenda.

August 2022 has been characterized by heavy rains. Some days, rain fall from the early hours to the late hours of the day and the already bad roads in the city of Bamenda are water logged, forcing runoff to stay on the road, causing very deep potholes.

According to a driver, popularly known as Ukwa, "the roads force us to go to the garage every now and then. It is either the exhaust pipe has cut, the shocks are no longer working or the bumper is out. It is really frustrating as our savings now go all to mechanics." Ukwa told the Observer.

The roads have gone worse around the treasury building going to Ayaba Hotel. Driving pass Sonac street is another nightmare.

Fung John expresses dissatisfaction on the road network in Bamenda 

Fung John, Service Manager at the Bamenda Regional Hospital hopes an urgent solution will be sort.

"it is regrettable that Bamenda which is the 3rd largest city in Cameroon, we are going through this type of deplorable state of our road. I know the excuse has been security challenges but something urgent should be done to address these concerns.

"When you ply this road the next minute you go to the garage. You will spend on spare parts, fuel, time. You waste a lot of time on the road. Those on concerned should move from speeches to action." Fung John told the Observer.

Placed under the authority of the Bamenda City Council, the urban road network of Bamenda leaves much to be desired. No temporal measures have been taken by the City council to make the roads passable for the time being.

Nonetheless, Ngu Augustine Alias in charge has been filling the potholes with stones.

In charge says he has been doing this for the last 18 years and has received little or no assistance from Municipal authorities.

From Bamenda II to Bamenda III, he carefully fills the potholes and receives freewill gifts from commuters.

As to why Ngu Augustine decided to be filling potholes for this long, in charge narrates;

"I was an apprentice in motor mechanics in 1990 when the ghost towns and Civil unrest were ongoing in Bamenda.

"One afternoon, the military broke into our garage and got me well beaten to near death. I was being rushed to the hospital but the potholes on the road almost made the driver to arrive late.

" I was saved by the stroke of luck. Since that day, I began my fight against potholes in Bamenda and on every stretch, you will find these stones." Ngu Augustine narrated to the Observer.

Gotten from the hills of Bamenda, in charge says he hopes the Bamenda City Council will donate a tri-cycle to him to help transport the stones to the road for use.

He further complains of the insult he receives from some drivers who claim that his working on the road is the reason why government is delaying executing the road project. But to him, he has not and will never disturb any government action on the road.

Pedestrian track

Trekking across the Ayaba street and Sonac street stretch of the road is very difficult and parts of the road is fill with mud and cars are unfriendly as they try to meander from one end of the road to another looking for where to pass.

Bamenda II Mayor, Chenwi Peter 

The people of Bamenda have been waiting for the continuation of the works on the 20km stretch of the Bamenda City roads. The road that is supposed to be 30 metres wide have been dug and for almost two years now no work is ongoing.

While the wait continues, commuters hope that some urgent works to make traffic more fluid will be done by the City Council.

Many say without the works of in charge, the roads in Bamenda will impassable. They therefore applaud the tremendous work done by the volunteer in the town. 

Filling of potholes by the Bamenda II Council 

Friday 12th August 2022, the Mayor of Bamenda II Council, Chenwi Peter brought a temporal relieve to vehicle owners when he championed the filling of some portions of the road leading to the treasury and Ayaba Hotel. An exercise he was doing for third time.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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