2022/2023 School Year: ICT University Unveils Innovations, Launches Admissions

ICT University, Changing the Game

 Cameroon’s  outstanding  private  university,   ICT  University,  has  unveiled its package of  innovations  for the 2022/2023  academic  year. The innovations   have been made public side by side admissions into the prestigious institutions that are ongoing.

   Being the leading training school in the digital and business world, the university will in the upcoming academic for the first time train students on Nano Satellites development, Artificial intelligence, Microsoft academia and Robotics.
Officials  of  ICT  University  told  Municipal Updates that the move is in line with the  vision of institution’s founder, Prof  Victor Mbarika to give a special touch to Cameroon’s drive to be a key player in the digital world.

Conducive study environment 

     Attached to these newly introduced undergraduates programs, will be the the school will continue training students in the field of technology. Students will continue to benefit from the expertise of a well trained staff in; Computer science, renewable energy, software engineering, information communication technology, information systems and cyber security.

    In the world of business, the ICT University in Cameroon is open to mold students in the field of; Accounting information technology, business management and sustainable development, Accounting, banking and finance.

    At the post graduate level the university offers an international Masters program in business administration, Science of Education, a joint masters and PhD in public health, masters and PhD program in development planning, Masters and PhD in ICT , Masters in cyber security.

Empowering future leaders 

  These programs have as main objective to fortify young Cameroonians in the world of Business and digitalization in order for them to continue playing a big part in the country’s move towards emergence by 2035. 

The ICT University it should be noted runs a purely US-based system of education and over years it has left its mark in the higher education sector. It has branches all over the world and has been playing a big role in training experts with digital competences in several areas of specialisation that are making the difference across the globe.

 Given its never-seen training models,  ICT University has won several  awards  internationally  and nationally.

       About ICT University

The ICT University operates a purely US-based curriculum to provide quality ICT and Managerial Human Capacity Development specially targeted for Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia, the ICT University is a vibrant institution which aims at imposing itself as the premier destination for research, innovation and training of scholars relevant in the context of developing economies.
The ICT University imparts knowledge of ICTs in all academic disciplines it offers. For
Example, a business administration (marketing) student at ICT University will graduate
With adequate expertise on how to build state-of-the-art e-commerce and other online
Business websites.

With a plethora of programs at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels, including diploma and certification programs, the ICT University offers a dynamic and flexible learning environment that inspires innovation and creativity and lays emphasis on student access.

The ICT University prides itself on offering an intimate, cutting edge campus environment disposing of all resources essential for producing tomorrow’s leading ICT experts, technopreneurs, renewable energy engineers, and business managers. The university has also created collaborations, partnerships and exchange agreements with leading US, African and other international institutions that further enrich the academic, social and cultural diversity of our campus.

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