Tubah Elected officials carry peace crusade to population

Bike riders pose for a picture with Elected officials of Tubah 

The Elected officials of Tubah led by Senator Mrs Regina Mundi and accompanied by Hon Agho Oliver and Mayor Tanjong Martin have carried peace messages to the bike riders of Tubah.

At the Bambili market, Thursday 21st April 2022, the elected officials were greeted by bike riders who saluted their efforts in working for normalcy to return to the subdivision.

The President of the bike riders syndicate told their August guest that every bike rider plying the roads in Bambili have been identified and in possession of an identification jacket.

Jackets the Mayor told the lawmakers were procured to fight against the rampant kidnappings in the last two years in Bambili. Mayor Tanjong noted that any child kidnapped within the university milieu can be traced with the increase partnership between the council and bike riders.

With an office in the market, the bike riders have vouched that equality and equity in the society can only be attained through Education. Words that thrilled the elected officials.

Hon Agho Oliver encouraging the Bike Riders

To Hon Agho Oliver, the bike riders should continue working for peace. Accompanying the population of the subdivision to meet their objectives. He saluted them for fighting against the rampant kidnappings and encouraged them to work with the various competent authorities for long lasting peace to return to the subdivision.

Senator Mrs Regina Mundi reminded them that development can only come through peace. She was glad that the bike riders saw the value of Education and have been working hard to ensure that pupils and students go to school in serenity.

The lawmaker reminded bike riders that they are unavoidable in the fight against infant and Maternal mortality. She told them to be in close contact with pregnant women and rush them to the hospital in case of any child labour and any other emergencies.

A call the bike riders syndicate accepted and pledge to be at the forefront in protecting the lives of pregnant women.

Tubah subdivision harbours the University of Bamenda. 


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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