Put your Region at the Centre of Politics in Cameroon- Philemon Yang Tells CPDM Militants

Philemon Yang, addressing supporters of the CPDM in Bamenda 

The leader of the CPDM Regional permanent Delegation to the North West, Philmon Yang has called on the militants and sympathizers of the CPDM to put the North West Region at centre of political happenings in Cameroon.

Speaking at the 37th anniversary of the CPDM in Bamenda, Philemon Yang reminded the party comrades that the North West has always been in the pole position of politics in Cameroon and should not relinquish that position to any other region especially now that threats keep coming from so-called separatists.

The Prime Minister Emeritus called for the region to seek for peace as part of the one and indivisible Cameroon, united in its diversity.

He shamed all those parading themselves as liberators as he puts the blame of the hash and painful economy situation of the region squarely on their shoulders.

"We cannot change the past but we can the future. All of our choices come with consequences. We must learn to chose wisely in future." Yang Philemon said.

A cross section of Party militants 

The party celebrations which was taking place at the Bamenda Congress Hall after a long time was used as an opportunity to condemn the continuous kidnappings, killings, ghost towns that have engulfed the North West region though party officials indicated that things are improving with time.

The CPDM that controls 33 of the 34 councils in the North West has taken a firm commitment to preach peace to all and sundry and as a way to come out of the current quagmire.

With songs and dances, the militants of the party in the region pledged their unalloyed support to President Paul Biya, National President of the CPDM. They promised to respect the ideals of Decentralisation, national unity and national integration, trusting on democratic practices of the state.

Speakers used the ceremony to canvass for more militants to get registered on the electoral register and vote for the CPDM when the time comes.

Madam Nwana Mercy, WCPDM President for Mezam 1C likened the party to a man born 37 years ago who is now mature to get married to many wives and produce many children.

She celebrated outstanding women who have moved the party to higher heights like Senator Mrs Regina Mundi who is leading a campaign to curb maternal and neo-natal deaths by providing up-to-date delivery kits to hospitals. She further cited Madam Judith Yah Sunday for mobilizing women to come out and decry the numerous atrocities committed in the region.

While encouraging the youth to always stand by their mothers and fathers, the WCPDM President was proud of the numerous achievements of the party in 37 years and called on all to continue to support the vision of President Paul Biya.

The celebrations unfolded under the theme: “Let us mobilise more behind the National President, President of the Republic, His Excellency Paul BIYA, in order to ensure the specificity of our country in the relentless peace building, unity, solidarity and progress, in a  nation resolutely turned towards shared emergence”. and comes after the recent reorganisation of basic organs of the party.

Anniversary celebrated with traditional dance dances

The Grand Chancellor of National Orders, Philemon Yang reminded the new Section Presidents of the C, W and YCPDM to judiciously manage the resources put at their disposal to keep the party floating at the grassroots despite the difficult times.

Cletus Anye Matorya 

A call, Mezam 1B section President, Cletus Anye Matorya says should be respected and highlights the fact that the reorganisation has made the party more rejuvenated, more united and full of splendour.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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