Nkwen District Hospital: Patients Applaud as Che Ndaka Nicolas celebrate New Year, supports them

Che Ndaka Nicolas visits hospital 

Caregivers, patients and nurses have described as a blessing the visit of Che Ndaka Nicolas to the Nkwen District Hospital on year's day. 

Speaking to the Observer as the Regional Councillor who doubles as Mezam IC Section President, Che Ndaka Nicolas, the nurses noted that some patients have been unable to feed while others are owing outstanding bills.

With joy and smiles, the patients and caregivers welcomed the dynamic section President. Drawing inspiration from Proverbs 16:24, the President told his guest that he could not celebrate New Year without coming to see them.

Che Ndaka Nicolas in hospital 

Quizzed why he decided to visit the pediatric ward and the maternity wards, the Regional Councillor was pleased to say "children are a gift from God and we are all grown up. It is our wish to ensure that they all grow up to become like us." Ndaka Nicolas said.

The Honourable Member of the North West Regional Assembly promised the Nurses and hospital administration that he will make such moves more frequent in 2022 as people make a temporal stay in the hospital.

Che Ndaka Nicolas was elected to the North West Regional Assembly on December 6th, 2020 and to the helm of the CPDM in Mezam IC in September 2021.

He has promised to take the party to the grassroots during his 5 year term.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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