Municipal Updates Goes Daily On February 1

Launching ceremony, this weekend in Yaounde 

The Newspaper, Municipal Updates becomes a daily this Monday the 31st January 2022.

The newspaper, first published in 2015 as a tool to inform the community on development in municipalities has grown into a foremost newspaper in the country.

Since its first publication, Municipal Updates have gone forward to publish 195 editions though suffering a window period that saw the publisher, Cham Victor Bama go back to school to up his know-how in Journalism.

Latest Edition of the paper

Municipal Updates returned to the stands in 2019 as a biweekly and on Monday will become just the second English Language Daily in Cameroon.

To ensure that this venture doesn't hit the rocks, the Publisher has set up an ultramodern printing press with state-of-the-art infrastructure to house both the printing press and the Newspaper.

Cham Victor Bama has ensured that Journalists worth the name have been recruited to pilot this new daily in the market.

The publisher has also promised readers that the French version of the paper will hit the stands in the next 90 days while Municipal Afrique, a Magazine to Chronicle communal development in Central Africa will be launched before the year draws to a close.

Cham Victor, Publisher of the paper

As the publisher seeks to formally launch Municipal Updates daily this weekend in Yaounde, the publisher has in sight the creation of a television station in the nearest future.

Readers and writers for Municipal Updates have saluted the former newspaper vendor for the giant strides made in the journalism landscape in Cameroon.

From a periodic newspaper to a weekly, bi-weekly to now a daily, the first fruits of the Daily newspaper will harvested this Sunday nationwide.

Cham Victor Bama is not only a Journalist, but a teacher, youth leader, counsellor, community developer and has been celebrated across the board. 


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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