Andek Council steps up budget, envisage developmental, rehabilitational 2022 projects

A cross-section of Andek Councillors 

Andek Council, a municipality in Momo division of the North West region have stepped up their budget for the 2022 financial year for sustainable development in the area.

This was adopted during a budgetary session held Friday December 17, 2021, planning for the 2022 financial year.

The budget adopted follows law No 2019/024 of December 2019 to institute the general Code of Local and Regional Councils that provides the investment component of the budget must be 40% of total expenditure which makes it stands at 1,040,815,000 FCFA balanced in both income and expenditure, with an investment component of about 525,000,000 developed by the state for the development of the municipality.

Mayor Ubangoh Helly, Mayor Andek Council

Over 18 projects have been envisaged for the upcoming 2022 financial year with much focus on agriculture and rehabilitation of the municipality.
This will see the purchasing of a 20 ton dump truck, construction and rehabilitation of bridges, hand pumps, agricultural post, Health centres, council roads, some palaces electrification of some viallages, payment of salaries of health workers and support to farmers.

Some MINDDEVEL, MINEDUB and MINTP earmarked during the previous years, such as Construction of market hangers at Ajei Market, Teze Market, rehabilitation of water scheme, supply of working equipments for Andek Council, construction of Integrated Health Center at Ajei and maintenance of Council road have been completed.

On-going projects almost completed/completed

Construction of a block of two classrooms in Angaito
Construction of a security fence, GNS Andek
Construction of a Zoo Technical Centre, Andek
Construction of an agricultural post and residence of the chief post in Andek,
Construction of a Mixed Bridge and road concreting of bad spots on Scan water Andek principal road.
Installation of DUDUM FM Radio, construction of 2 health centre blocks in Andek, meat slap, Zoo technical centre, community hall and electrification of Ngie.

The delays in realization of some of these projects is caused by the insecurity of the area but the Mayor says dialogue with non-state armed groups is a measure to realize these projects

"For the past one year, it has not been easy because when you look at the classification of councils for 2021, Andek council is far down there not because the mayor was not performant, but because of the challenges we face on ground which has caused fear in contractors."

"The main strategy is dialogue I have opened up dialogue with the boys in the bushes, and our elite in the diaspora and am appealing to the councillors to join me in the course. The dialogue has been going on and I think it is yielding fruit and we will realize our projects" Major Ubangoh Helky speaking

Mayor Ubangoh Helly while addressing the councillors stated categorically clear that come January 2022, the council and councillors have to operate in the municipality and they various areas of control. 

Anye Nde Nsoh

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