National Action plan on GBV, Peace and Human rights Finalised

Julie Mballa, Representative of UNDP 

50 stakeholders representing the pivotal institutions of peace and human rights in Cameroon have realized a final national action plan which synergizes Human Rights,Gender Based Violence and Peace.

For 3 days representatives of Ministries of Youth,Social Affairs, Justice,Women Empowerment, Forces of Law and Order,Civil society organizations and the media converged at Nkometou,Yaoundé to exchange experiences and contributions in matters of Gender based violence and human rights. The 3 organizing UN agencies- United Nations Development Programme, UN Women and United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) aim at using this workshop to advocate for a central position for Sexual Gender based violence and Human Rights in Cameroon's peace process as well as training stakeholders on the " Women Peace and Security" agenda.

Cross section of participants 

Présentations by Forces of Law and Order revealed that Cameroon currently has 24 gender desks in police stations all over the country with 4 in the North West region. Another important highlight of the workshop was the Ministry of Youth Affairs and the Gendarmerie calling on institutions such as the United Nations to partner with them for trainings so as to consequently enable them to protect and serve the nation better.

Speaking to the Observer, the UNDP, Gender Based Violence Expert,Mrs. Julie Mballa called on the media to continue setting the agenda on gender Based Violence so that more victims speak up and are transformed into survivors.
Participants all worked on a final national action plan and took a renewed commitment to fight against gender Based Violence in Cameroon while protecting Human Rights of each individual.

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