Camps of Kidnappers dislodged at Mforya

Weapons retrieved from the scene 

The acts of kidnapping for ransom has increased over the last few weeks in Bamenda. 

Nkwen that has been known to enjoy relative peace came under the surge of kidnappers. Those who sell Brasseries drinks, owners of luxurious cars and a wife to a business tycoon have been kidnapped within the last three weeks.

This disturbing situation forced the defense and security forces to launch a manhunt for the kidnappers. A tip off from a local took the forces to Mforya in Bafut, some 2.5 KM from mile 4 in Nkwen.

According to Major Onana Conrad, leader of the operation that had some 33 elements, they arrived at the camp at 1am on Thursday August 19th, 2021.

Major Onana Conrad narrates to the commanders of the 5th region

The kidnappers armed with three AK 47 and two locally made guns attempted to resist. The exchange between the fighters and the soldiers left five separatist fighters consisting of Small Bible, Small pepper, Banki alias Ebube, Prince from Wum and stone dead. 

One of the women shot transported out of the bush by the military 

Amongst the fighters were two women, one with a child less than a year old. Moufoua Giselle, carrying her baby recounted the activities of the fighters. 

"Yes they stay here but they have a place about 3km from here where they kidnap and keep people. They're about 30 in number staying in different places here in Bafut and each of them have a gun."

"On one of my visits, I have seen them torture people, they also collect cars and bikes from people. This camp has been existing for one more than one year" Giselle in her early 20s recounted to Observer237.com

The second Lady was shot around the abdomen and has been ferried to the 5th region military hospital in Nkwen for medical attention. 

Two suspects living close to the camp have been arrested for questioning.

Lady receiving treatment at the hospital 

On hand to seize up the morale of the soldiers were Brigadier Generals Nka Valere of the 5th Joint military region and Ekongwese Divine of the 5th Gendamerie region. They brought the message congratulations from the military top command especially that of the Secretary of state at the Ministry of Defense in charge of the national Gendamerie, Galax Etouga. 

General Nka Valere encouraged the soldiers to keep up the good work and ensure that any hideouts of Separatist Fighters and kidnappers are dislodged in the region. 

The population of Bamenda who have been victims of these constant harassment and extortion have received the news with much anxiety. 

"I told them they will not live to spend this money" a woman who witnessed a kidnap at Ghana Street narrated to DRayinfos.com.

The call for increase security presence in Nkwen especially at night has been made while the military says they await more tip-offs from the population. 


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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