Operation Kumbo Clean Reassures Population, No Pity on the Run

Weapaons retrieved from the operation 

The Commander of the 5th Joint military region, Brigadier General Nka Valere has called on soldiers, gendarmes and police officers fighting insurrection in the North West region to respect the international humanitarian law. He told them to "respect the law of engagement and be disciplined." Don't get yourself into acts that tarnish the image of the army. Our mission is to work for a return to normalcy in the North West"

General Nka addresses the soldiers

General Nka Valere was speaking in Kumbo at the close of operation Kumbo clean. For 32 days, the over 300 man army was able to visit separatist camps in Bui Division.

The operation led by Colonel Matiang Charles Alain, saw the army bringing home 5-AK47, 10 bikes, charms, equipment used to produce improvised explosive devices, dane guns and contraband fuel. In a report of his operation, the commander of the 51st motorised infantry brigade said "three separatist generals were killed. Thunder in Kikaikom, General Abakwa in Meluf and General spider. Many more fighters were neutralised" he told the military top command and administrative authorities of the Division.

10 motorbikes seized

In a congratulatory message to the soldiers, General Nka was pleased that the first phase of the operation has come to an end but the operation will continue, noting that Kumbo is the epicenter of the crisis. 

"The topography of Kumbo is very difficult. It's either your climbing or descending. This has made it difficult for the soldiers to have a perfect operation. The people here speak the same language and easily tip off the fighters" General Nka told the Observer.

Bui SDO receives the top command of the 5th Joint military region 

Kumbo, capital of Bui Division was the fastest growing town after Bamenda. Economic activities were almost brought to a standstill between 2017 and 2020.

Bui SDO, Lanyuy Harry regrets that the economic operators who started investing in Bui are yet to return. 

"We had institutions of higher learning in addition to the hospital facilities here that is the Banso Baptist Hospital and Shishong cardiac Centre. These are jewels we have. This in addition to the Agricultural prowess of the Division. Visitors were trooping here everyday either for education, Healthcare or for purchases. Our humble appeal is for the fighters in the bushes to drop their arms and join the DDR. Their place is in this republic" the SDO said.

The operation to clean Kumbo took the security forces to Verkovi, Mbiame, Ibal and parts of Nwa in the Donga Mantung Division.

While appreciating the work done in Bui this time around after operations Ngoke-Bui and Bui 1, the SDO requested that more vehicles and personnel be sent to Bui for the protection of the people and their property as the poor state of roads have rendered the existing vehicles bad.

In May 2021, the convoy of North West Governor came under serious attack with explosives planted along the way. Gunshots erupted at the St Augustine College as Bishop Nkuo celebrated his 40th anniversary of his of Priestly ordination. 

Since May 15th, the soldiers have been in Bui that has seen a gradual return to economic activities though hampered by several extortions and kidnaps. 

The operation failed to capture the dreaded General No Pity who has caused the deaths of several soldiers in Bui, Ngoketunjia and the neighbouring West region. General Nka told the soldiers to keep watch 

"He has used the same strategy all through. Attacking us when we have forgotten that we are supposed to fight. At a time when we are going after trivialities. We must keep watch and at all times." 

As the first phase of operation Kumbo clean draws to a close, the military mourns the death of four soldiers who were killed and several others wounded are in hospital . 


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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