Mayor Chenwi Peter Supports Muslim community at Ramadan

Mayor Chenwi Peter handing items

As a usual routine, Muslims have a religious holiday celebrated worldwide that marks the end of the month-long dawn-to-dust fasting ahead of the Feast of Ramadan also known as Eid al-Fitr.

During this period Muslim faithfuls are expected to fast for a month, before Breaking the Fast in order to commemorate the Festival of Breaking the Fast.

This activity has been supported by the Mayor of Bamenda II Municipality Chenwi Peter, who handed over items including bags of rice, salt and cartons of Saudi Dates to help the muslim community undergo a smooth fasting race.

Items Donated

The gifts were received my Imam Mussa Shaibu and Aladji Balla Tanko sitting in as Zariki.

Aladji Balla Tanko appreciated the gift, highlighting it as very timely when Muslims are running out of resources.

"When you are fasting and someone comes to help you, it is a very good initiative and especially during these last ten days when you have spent all your money and someone comes to push you to continue, we really do appreciate this. I pray you move to the various quarters where Muslims are and also support them."

The Mayor while addressing the Muslims, saluted their efforts for prayers made and assured the population more in the days ahead

"We have understood that during this period of fasting the people are not viable so we decided to come as a council to assist them to be able to break the fasting.
We just came to say we are one family and all the prayers of peace you have been offering for this country, we can not forget you all.
As you are fasting, God will bless you and whatever developmental project you have we are there to support you."

Jamilatu a benefactor

Mme Jamilatu a benefactor expressed much satisfaction particularly for the Saudi Dates received presenting its history and importance

"Particularly the Dates which is natural is going to really help us. In those days, when the prophets were fasting there was no food, so they had to feed on this to stay strong. We are very lucky because not everybody is opportune to have this considering it coming from Saudi Arabia and the distance before reaching here it's not easy. We are blessed to have it."

These gift were handed Friday May 7, 2021, same day Muslims gather to pray as they continue fasting while awaiting the "Festival of Breaking the Fast"


Anye Nde Nsoh 

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  1. Excellent gestures by the mayor of bda 2 council and a good write up by journalist