INADES Formation, Bamenda I Council seal marriages, supports PWDs

The Bamenda I Council in collaboration with Inades formation, has organized a mass wedding ceremony for couples living without civil status document. 

The mass marriage which took place, Thursday 18th, March 2021 saw some 20 couples legalizing their union at the Bamenda I council. 

Mayor Mbigha Felix of Bamenda I Council saluted the couples for taking the right decision at this time, with some of them haven stayed together for more than 25 years without these documents, considering its importance. 

The project to see that people obtain civil status documents is spearheaded by INADES Formation and Financed by Active citizenship strengthening programme, PROCIVIS. 

The regional delegate of INADES Formation Sama Emmanuel says the organisation is out to help people obtain civil status documents like marriage, death and birth certificates. 

"Those getting married are doing so at zero cost." he stated

This is the first mass marriage taking place in Bamenda I and INADES Formation hopes to have another in the next three months. Other councils such as Bamenda III had experienced this and others are yet to as enmarked by INADES FORMATION. 

Nkue Oliver, one of the couples from Menchum Division saluted Inades for fast tracking the process

"I have lived with my wife for 10 years but I did not how to go about it. Knowing that without this document we cannot call this a marriage, I want to really thank Inades. You can never be married by word of mouth. You need your certificate"

Some 13 councils across the region are benefitting from the project

PWDs obtain civil status documents 

The Mayor also helped persons living with disability who did not have civil status documents to obtain them

"We were able to acquire 40 birth certificates and court judgements and 17 ID cards" Mayor Mbigha told The Observer 

The move to obtain these documents were saluted by the socioeconomic empowerment of persons with disability, SEEPD, of the Cameroon Baptist Convention

The next mass marriage is scheduled for the next 90days

The sensitization process for legal documents started back in 2020, where INADES Formation educated Municipal and Traditional authorities, religious leaders, leaders of women and youth groups, mbororos and health personnels, through workshops for the acquisition of civil status documents and on time to spread to their various domains.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis
Photocredit: Tamah Collins

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