Bamenda City Mayor resurrects monday sales in Bamenda III

Bamenda City Mayor ensuring fair distribution 

The Bamenda city Mayor, Paul Achobong, has on Monday March 15, 2021, organize promotional sales for the first time in 8 months and the first time in the Bamenda III municipality. 

Madam Honorine, in her mid 30s salutes the City Mayor for organizing sales of items of Basic necessity at the Bamenda Nkwen Market. She says goods she naturally buys at 5000 frs, she has bought them for 2500 frs.

"I cannot believe this. That I can purchase a litre of ground nut oil at 500 Frs, five cubes of soap at 1000 and much more. In fact I'm going back home very happy"

Pa Enow in his 50s was specifically grateful for these sales and says he has helped his wife to purchase these goods at reduced prices

People line up to purchase goods

Many other persons left the scene very happy as the sales of goods of basic necessity touches Bamenda III subdivision. It is the first time since the Mayor of the City of Bamenda took the sales here. Recent developments in the subdivision precipitated this

"During the marking and eventual demolition of houses, I saw great collaboration with the people of Bamenda III. If every other subdivision were to be like this, we will quickly transform Bamenda" Paul Achobong told the Press

Quizzed if this activity will continue after being halted for several months now, the city Mayor said "as soon the means is available, we will do it. It is our collective responsibility to wipe out poverty in Bamenda"

The sales of goods of basic necessity came to the former Yaounde park unannounced and in a twinkle of an eye, the market was full

5kg of UNVDA rice was sold at 1000 Frs, 5 cubes of soap at 1000 Frs, 12 sachets of tomatoes at 500 Frs, a litre of groundnut oil at 500 Frs and a sachet of maggi at 500 Frs

The Monday periodic sales of subsidized foodstuffs started in Bamenda II subdivision in the first quarter of 2020 and for one year, all subdivisions have been touched

Paul Achobong answered to his critics who thinks he governs Bamenda on party lines.

"how can I govern Bamenda on party lines? My council area covers the 3 subdivisions and I will not stop to support the population of these council areas"

The population of Bamenda is on high alert to know where next the sales will take place.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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