Pioneer Regional Elections, Fundong Councillors are ready as special status is in sight

Gearing up for the first ever Regional Elections, the Mayor to the Fundong Council and President of United Councils and Cities of Cameroon UCCC, Denish Awoh Ndang, has stated that the council/councillors and Fundong as a whole is ready for the elections, slated for Sunday December 6, 2020. 

Speaking after the Budgetary session in the council hall, Mayor Awoh Ndang says the massive attendance of councillors during the session is a sign of their participation in the election. 

"We are very prepared for the elections. You have to know that since these present councillors were voted into office, this is this first time that they have attended a council session massively. They are here because they are preparing for the elections. We are sure that all of them are going to cast their votes tomorrow." 

Councillors and Fons in Fundong subdivision have all be encouraged to go out and vote for their regional representatives. 

The elections will take place Sunday December 6, 2020. It should be recalled that this is the first ever regional elections taking place in Cameroon to commemorate the application of the Special Status given to the North West and South West regions and for an effective decentralisation process. 

Fundong being the capital of Boyo division, is one of the areas affected by separatist activities but life so far is gradually taking its course orchestrated by the community and administrators

"We can see that peace is gradually returning to Fundong. Business persons are taking their course so we hope that things continue in this light. 
Our only prayer is for those in the bushes to drop their arms and return to normal life"


The Observer

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