Fundong council takes public works sector on top priority in 2021

Mayor Awoh Ndang delivers keynote address at opening of budgetary council session in Fundong

Councillors of Fundong Council have adopted a draft budget to run the 2021 financial year. This was in a Budgetary session held by the council to vote a budget aimed at developing the subdivision. 

The voted budget stands at FCFA 940 million which will cut across the construction of bridges, roads, classrooms, water projects, electricity supply and others.  

For the year 2021, the budget voted will be used to excuted following projects

Maintenance of the Fundong-Konene road, Construction of the Tinakiti bridge along the Oku-Akeh road funded by the road fund through the ministry of public works

Proposed projects to be funded by GP-IRDP includes the Construction of Classrooms at GS Anjangum, Opening of the Baiso-Mbengkas and the Mbengkas-Mughom road, construction of bridges along the Isaibu-Njinijua and Isaibal-Kumtem road, construction of Hangers at the Fundong market. 

Cross section of councillors

Projects to be funded by the Public Investment Budget includes Rural electrification for Fundong village, financial assistance to Common Initiative Groups, Installation of solar street lights and security Cameras in Fundong town, rehabilitation of a block of two classrooms at GBHS Baiso and GPS Ngwainkuma, construction of a zoo-technical and veterinary center at Akeh, maintenance of 20km of council roads using the labour based approach, installations of a solar system at the Fundong District Hospital, and financial assistance to the Abuh Charity Handicap group. 

Boyo SDO

Several projects are already being executed such as the establishment of the Fundong Council, rehabilitation of Fundong Grand Stand, completion of the Mbongkisu portable water project and 9 other works. 

Generally, projects planned for the the past year has experienced a greater realizations though with some difficulties caused by the socio-political unrest that plagued the area. 

"The most important projects are mainly with the public works sector. The Fundong-Konene road, Meshabg bridge, Tinakiti bridge. Our secondary projects we have classrooms, water projects and electricity projects to be executed." Mayor Awoh Ndang told the Observer. 

A council Hilux is being targeted to be purchased next year to facilitate movement at the level of the council. 

Tegnie Fidel Senior Divisional Officer for Boyo in attendance, appreciated the efforts of councillors in running council affairs and cautioned them to be responsible. He also urged them to all return and reside in their various constituencies. 

Fundong council has targetted community development as a plan for the 2021 council year. Despite the odds faced during the year 2020 and past years, caused by insecurity, the council is determined to develop the area to standard.


The Observer

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