Bamenda: Old town Fetes with goodies from Minister Felix Mbayu

Hundreds gather to receive goodies

It has become a tradition that the year cannot draw to a close without Minister Mbayu Felix sharing with the population of old town

Wednesday December 30, hundreds of men and women gathered from far and near to benefit from the largesse of the statesman

They back home rice, groundnut oil, maggi and other cooking items

City councillor Solange on behalf of the Minister brought a message of hope to the people

"I wish I could come. You all should know I'm with you in spirit and while I keep praying for you all and for peace, you too should pray for me"

The recipients were pleased with the items received

"I am very happy today. At least my family and I can now celebrate new year. Things are very difficult and expensive to get due to the hike in prices at the market" Esperanza, a lady living at old town explained

To Sylvester Tam, an IDP from Bali living in old town, " Gratitude is what I can say I feel right now in my heart. Minister Mbayu has been doing a lot for this quarter and Bamenda as a whole. May God continue to bless him"

Mbayu Felix is Minister Delegate at the Ministry of External relations incharge of the Commonwealth

As the young and old moved back home, renewed hope is for a similar gesture in 2021


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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