At security Coordination meeting: North West Governor assures security is under control, urges population to return

North West Governor chairs security meeting 

Since the start of September, the North West Region has witnessed relative calm with the sound of gunshots reducing by the day. One can go for weeks without hearing a gunshot in the city of Bamenda

This salutatory remarks were made by North West Governor as he chaired the Security coordination meeting of the North West region, Tuesday, November 3, 2020

To ensure that the relative calm experienced this far continues, the Governor urged the population to work as one man with defense and security forces to stamp out terrorism from the respective Divisions

"We are appealing to the population to continue organising themselves in vigilante groups, peace groups in our various communities including schools, market places, travelling agencies, parks to accompany the process of coming back to normalcy that has already started" the Governor opined

Lele LAfrique was visibly happy with the way socio-economic and culturally activities are gradually returning to the region

Another challenge plaguing the region is the continues disrespect of COVID-19 barrier measures put in place by government

"I will like to tell the population to continue observing the barrier measures. I am appealing to them to put on their face masks, wash their hands regularly with soap as we do not want an upsurge in cases"

The security coordination meeting comes one week after women stormed the streets of Bamenda demanding an end to hostilities between the army and separatist fighters which has brought untold damage to the local man

The crisis that has been on for more than four years has seen some 3000 lives lost in Cameroon's English speaking regions

The cry from the women was saluted by North West administration with a call for them to ask their children to lay down their weapons used in fighting the state

As the meeting unfolded, news of the kidnap of school teachers at Presbyterian School Kumbo went viral. 

Gunmen had taken teachers of the primary school hostage in Bui Division

This is the second time that teachers and students have come under attack in presbyterian schools. A move strongly condemned by PCC Moderator, Rev Fonki Samuel Forba in a communique released Tuesday evening

At the close of the security coordination meeting, no word regarding the situation of Kumbo was brought to the knowledge of The Observer though North West Governor had described the situation in the region as under control


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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