Bamenda: Women protest Kumba Killings, Express Rage

Women on the streets of Bamenda

Thousands of women throng the streets of Bamenda to protest the killing of seven children at the Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy in Fiango Kumba over the weekend

From the quarters to the market, from Bamenda III, II and I, the women cried that their children have been killed, raped and their husbands are on the run

At Finance Junction, young boys went to the ground to protest brutality

In front of police stations  as well as the ceremonial ground at the commercial Avenue, the women knelt on the road, brandishing posters and singing dirges

"Our children need to go to school without fear or favour. We are tired of the gunshots"

"Our hearts are heavy and like our sisters in Kumba, the pain is too much"

The demonstartion took them to the office of the Divisional officer for Bamenda II. Nicholas Nkongho Mancha re-echoed the message of peace to the women

"What has happened to our children is unacceptable. Education is key to life. Children cannot be killed because they want to go to school"

The DO assured them that Government will track them and cannot accept that this should one day happen in Bamenda

He encouraged the women to denounce separatist activities and report them to security officers if they want an end to the atrocities

To ensure that their message reach all and sundry, the demonstration took them to the office of the Governor

Sitting at the esplanade, whaling, chanting and calling the attention of Administrative Authorities to stop guns from smoking

North West goes down to pray for the repose of the souls

Governor Adolphe Lele LAfrique noted that the deaths in Kumba is one too many.

"The actions in Kumba is not the first but we should ensure that it is the last"

Lele LAfrique appealed to the women to collaborate and stop hiding fighters who have refused to surrender amongst them

He exclaimed that the women should become peace crusaders from their families

Some three months ago, the city was placed under operation Bamenda Clean by the defense and security forces. This has greatly reduced the gunshots heard in the city of Bamenda

The cries from the women adds to that of the North West, South West Women's task force in 2018, Hope for the Needy Association (HOFNA) in 2019

Young boys also used the opportunity to tell the Governor of police harassment along the streets of Bamenda


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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