Reconciliation and Development Association Spearheads Fight against Non Communicable Diseases

RADA Team Addressing Journalists during a Press Briefing

Globalization and development which is fast over coming the world today has brought several consequences. Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) which are killer diseases non transmissible from one person to another is gradually trending. 

These diseases driven by modifiable risk factors such as tobacco, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity and harmful use of alcohol are very evident in our society. Youths of nowadays are easily contaminated with these diseases which includes diabetes, hepatitis and cancer. 

In fighting against this and to commemorate the Global Week of Action for NCDs, a non governmental organisation RADA (Reconciliation And Development Association) aimed at "Creating employment and impact by solving community problem for sustainable development," in a panel discussion and press briefing, have launched a campaign to fight against NCDs. 

This was done Friday September 11, 2020, under the team "Accountability". 

President of RADA

Ferdinand M. Songuy, President of RADA who doubles as the Secretary-general for Cameroon Civil Society of NCD Alliance, called on the entire population, cutting across all works of life to be accountable for these NCDs and stop blames on a particular body. To him, the fight against NCDs will serve as a plus to the country's economy. 

"A fight against NCDs makes perfect sense. If the government want youth to be active in the country, she needs to restrict the unhealthy things which gives them pleasure."

The vulnerable people, such as hepatetic and diabetic have to be taken care of to reduce death rate. As such a population based prevention method should be implemented, laws passed banning items like tobacco, alcohol, sugar and fatty things and invest in agriculture and natural consumption. All Ministries should be in active work to see that the laws are implemented he said

Ngong Nessa a youth representative thinks that

"In as much as the government is fighting, youths should be educated to play a vital role in the community by sensitizing their families, friends, and the entire community to be aware of NCDs and methods of prevention."

According to research, NCDs account for 41 million deaths globally with 85% coming from low and middle countries and 35% of annual deaths in Cameroon are due to NCDs according to RADA

As plan of action for RADA, plans have been made, promises and political signatures on global goals as well as commitments to fight against NCDs. To solve this problem, 

Backdrop to create Awareness on NCDs

The ban on sales of alcohol to youth and children below 18 years of age
Tax unhealthy products such as high sugar and fatty content foods,
Education on moderation and appropriate feeding by the population and continuous promotion of physical activity will serve a lot. 

Health is wealth therefore we need to keep our wealth by maintaining our Heath.


Anye Nde Nsoh

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