Operation Bafut II: "General Alahji's Daughters" reinserted to Society

General Nka Valere hands dryer to Sonita

Two daughters, Sonita and Geraldine retrieved  from the home of "general Alahji" in Bafut in June have been reinserted into the society

The daughters were taken during a second military raid in Bafut that saw the Amba general, run for safety. Ngwa Sonita narrated how they were taken by the military.

"I was in the house at 4 o'clock sleeping. So I got people running outside with gunshots and I got up. Security officers opened the door and met my sister and I", Ngwa Sonita narrated.

"They took my sister and I along and I am very happy were I am today. My life is very good and we are happy" she smiled.

Sonita and Geraldine pose for a family picture

For three months, Sonita aged 17 and Geraldine aged 6 have received psycho-social support from the Regional Delegation of Social affairs for the North West.

Bathings, clothes, food and allowances were handed to the children by General Nka Valere, Sunday August 23, 2020.

North West Regional Delegate of social Affairs

Madam Nkwate Rebecca, North West Regional Delegate of social Affairs affirms.
"When we arrived the airport, they was this issue of where to keep them because we don't have a centre for persons with distress in the Region. We could not place them so General Nka Valere who accompanied me to and from Bafut opted to lodge these children and feed them" she noted

Brigadier General Nka Valere

Brigadier General Nka Valere, Commander of the 5th Joint Military Region handed over hair dressing equipments to Sonita as she travels back to Douala to complete her trade in hair dressing.

Geraldine, 6, also received her school fees as she moves into primary 2.

General Nka Valere used the occasion to call on the population to stand together with their army.
"When you're fighting insurrection, the centre of gravity is the population. Our job is to secure and protect the people of the North West Region".

"Our men in the field are observing the international humanitarian law and apart from the some incidence. Contrary to those who call themselves Ambazonians who continue to kidnap for ransom and kill in broad daylight" he said.

Items handed to the girls

Defense and security forces carried out two operations in Bafut in May and June where the Saddle Hill Ranch was recaptured.

Sonita and Geraldine returns to their sister in Cameroon's Economic capital, Douala meanwhile their parent are at large.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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