North West eyes UCCC Leadership, Backs Wum Mayor

Mayor of Wum talking to the Press after his Election 

Mayors of the North West Region have backed Dighambong Anthony, Mayor of Wum, to the Presidency of the United Councils and Cities of Cameroon, UCCC

The commitment was taken Friday 10th July in Bamenda as three Mayors were shortlisted to represent the region at the National level

Dighambong Anthony, will head the list and has set his eyes at the Presidency of UCCC

"I want to thank the Mayors of the North West for the trust and confidence they have bestowed on me to be the head of the three delegates going to Yaounde. You all heard even from the Governor. We are people of trophies" He said

North West Governor with UCCC NW Newly Elected Exco

Since the creation of UCCC in 1996, no English speaking Mayor has been at the helm. He hopes it's time to empower the Anglophones, 24 years after

"I think the peculiar situation we have in the North West, the UCCC has to be rotating it's presidency and the past years, the other regions have been having their own share. It's time for the North West Region too, to have a speech level to the socio-political situation we have in the North West to see if some changes can come through that"

Cross section of Mayors at the elective AGM

The Wum Mayor wants the association of Mayors to have the English touch

"The head of state has said all documents be done in French and English and I am sure and convinced that the UCCC will make sure that this is done in all programs and documents"

North West Governor Adolphe Lele L'Afrique challenged the Delegates not to come back empty handed to the region. His message was further echoed by outgone Mayor of Kumbo, Njong Donatus who told the delegates that the battle to be at the top is always stiff

The region will be represented by Dighabong Anthony, Mayor of Wum, Fonguh Cletus, Mayor of Bamenda III and Acha Kennedy, Mayor of Batibo

Mayor Dighambong Anthony has a wealth of knowledge in council management. He was Elected to the head of the council in 2013 and despite the socio-political crisis, he has stayed with his people

The grass root leader will face competition from three French speaking challengers who have made their candidacy known as at press time


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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