CAMTEL GM Awarded For House-Cleansing Reforms, Outstanding Achievement

Judith Yah Sunday

The award was conferred on the workaholic pioneer female CAMTEL GM, Judith Yah Sunday epse Achidi over the weekend for fearlessly embarking on house-cleansing reforms and for outstanding achievements at the telecom operator just one year into office. 

By Doh Bertrand Nua in Yaoundé 

The General Manager of Cameroon Telecommunications (CAMTEL) has been recognised for fearlessly undertaking house-cleansing reforms and her outstanding achievements at the helm of the telecoms operator less than two years into office. 

Judith Yah Sunday epse Achidi was crowned as “The Guardian Post 2019 Woman of The Year” Friday 12 June 2020 during The Guardian Post Annual Achievement Awards in a ceremony in Yaoundé.

The award according to the CEO of the media group, Ngah Christian was in recognition of her matchless inputs that has help in revolutionising CAMTEL.

 The title was conferred on her humble person following thousands of votes cast by readers of the lone Anglophone daily newspaper and counted by a jury made up of renowned jurists and ace journalists.

Ben Ndingwa receiving the award on behalf of the GM

Speaking shortly after receiving the award on behalf of the GM, Benedit Ndinwa, CAMTEL’s Sub-Director in charge of Corporate and Commercial Communication, expressed the GM’s gratitude to the media group for spotlighting her inputs. 

He dedicated the award to all CAMTEL workers for having successfully accompanied the GM to realise her goals for the first year, adding that the recognition is a sign that something has been done.

He said the recognition will only spur the GM to work harder and not relent, assuring that the she is more than ever before committed to move on with her objective to position CAMTEL among the movers and shakers of digital business on the continent.

“CAMTEL is actually undergoing transfiguration and reforms…the objective of the company is still to put the customers at the centre of its preoccupation and that’s the mission the GM has personally taken as a commitment,” Ndinwa said.

Ben Ndingwa speaking after receiving the award on behalf of his GM

Appointed on 14 December 2018 by President Paul Biya, as CAMTEL’s pioneer female GM, Judith Yah Sunday epse Achidi, has imprinted her mark in gold after her first year at the helm of the company.

Her close to three decades of experience in governance and strategic management of enterprises has facilitated the handling of affairs at the helm of CAMTEL, steadily steering the company whose economic strength was fading out before her appointment.

Yah Sunday’s shrewd financial management has rationalized spending and has fought tirelessly and banned over-billing in a bid to keep CAMTEL afloat as well as ensured that the company’s cost of production is brought down to its barest minimum. 

She has optimized cash-flow in the company and ensured steady supply in unrivalled quality of CAMTEL products (phones, mobile internet modems, fibre optic and copper cables for land lines) to partners. 

The GM has mastered the company’s human resources, instilling in them the virtues of punctuality, discipline and call to service. A strong system that sanctions latecomers is also in place and staff are now evaluated based on their output and performance with increase in customer service.

CAMTEL’s internal debt woes are being thoroughly addressed, issues of pension also looked into, dues owed retired staff cleared, and work environment rendered the conducive.

Yah Sunday has upon assuming duty unveiled CAMTEL’s strategic action plan focused on "Customer Centricity" and "Change Management" to guide its activities between 2019-2025 in three phases: stabilization and revival in 2019, consolidation and expansion from 2020-2021 and leader of digital transformation from 2022- 2025.

Still in her less than two years, government has in accordance with Article 97 of the Electronic Communications Law introduced in 2010 granted three concession agreements to CAMTEL enabling it to benefit by right operating licences for her activities and corporate purpose.

CAMTEL recently added new impetus in its mission to optimize customer satisfaction and transform Cameroon’s digital economy following an international recognition (‘ISO 9001/2015’ certification) accorded the company’s management by Bureau Veritas, world’s leading consultant specialised in testing, inspection and certification of customer services.

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