Nigerian community supports Douala council fight COVID-19.

Envelope handed to Douala City Council

The dangerous and persistent nature of the coronavirus has caused the Nigerian community in the city of Douala to support their host country fight the pandemic.

The gift which was an undisclosed amount was handed to the City Mayor of Douala, Roger Mbassa Diné over the weekend.

The president of the Nigerian delegates Hon B.I.C Okujiaku highlighted some reasons which prompted them to support the fight  with one being the fact that Cameroon is said to be their second home and the virus which knows no barrier or race is ravaging their second home  thus they thought it wise to join in the fight.

"Our support against this pandemic is a sign that goes a long way to show that our Host nation is taking care of us and also  that we are ready to work in line with the Laws of Cameroon."

He went ahead to congratulate the recently installed Douala City Mayor for his victory in the February 9th twin elections and made it known that the handing over ceremony is an opportunity to strengthen relations with the City Mayor and for further considerations as a foreign community in Douala.

While receiving the gift, Mayor Roger welcomed the gift with a standing ovation, applauded the initiative of the Nigerians, describing them as "Smart people" and called on other communities to copy same.

"I am very satisfied with the Nigerian Community and will like to see many other communities do the same. We are Brothers and COVID-19 is a global threat. The Nigerian Community is a dynamic one and we are expecting alot from them."

He also called on them to join him in his developemtal plans.

Nigerians have been noted for their support to Cameroon namely the fight against Boko Haram in the North and in the socio-political unrest in the Northwest and Southwest regions.

Douala is currently hosting almost half of the about 3000 cases of Coronavirus patients as stated by the ministry of public health. So far no Nigerian have been reported infected or dead in the city of Douala with the about four million Nigerians in the country

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