Bamenda City Mayor Enjoins North West Elite to Support Monday Sales

Mayor Paul Achobong addressing Buyers

The Mayor of the Bamenda City Council has called on Ministers from the North West, Business magnets, and people of Goodwill to support the subsidized Monday Markets

According to Paul Achobong, the Anglophone crisis has hit hard on the people of Bamenda and purchasing goods of basic necessities have become almost impossible

The Monday Market holding for it's second time since the initiative was launched in April 2020 saw the sale of rice, vegetable oil, soap and meat

“We are looking forward to do a lot better next week. We will be programming how to manage the population in a lot easier manner subsequently. We hope to increase the quantity and variety of commodities to be sold.” the City Mayor noted

Meat on sale

This measure undertakened by the city mayor to support the people of Bamenda during this period of the coronavirus saw more than 2000 trooping to purchase.

Mayor Achobong indicated the prices allocated for each commodity which was sold on Monday 4th May, 2020.  The prices he says are less than half of the normal market price.

“A bag of rice which is normally sold at 11,000frs will be sold at 5000frs, 1kg of meat sold at 2700, will be sold at 1000frs, a cube of soap sold at 300frs will be sold at 150frs (6 cubes for 1000frs), one litre of groundnut oil sold at 1200frs is sold at 500 francs."

The mayor went ahead to highlight the wish to further reduce the prices and minimize the quantities.

“Hopefully, instead of selling rice in 25kg we will be selling rice this time in terms of 5kg for the population of Bamenda to be able to afford and to avoid the difficulties in sharing.”

Statistically a total of 400 bags of rice was brought in, 100 cartons soap, 100 cartons of vegetables oil and four cows were on sale.

The Mayor noted that with better participation from the well to do people of the North West, the sales will go on unperturbed.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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