Bamenda 2; Mayor Targets Job Creation for Youth Empowerment

Mayor Chenwi Peter

The Mayor of Bamenda 2, Chenwi Peter has called on the youths of the Bamenda 2 Municipality to bury their anger and regain normal life as the council has earmarked projects for youth empowerment and Job creation

"We have projects to assist the youths in agriculture to technology. There is no need to still be fighting in this era of youth empowerment"

The Mayor was speaking shortly after chairing the Administrative and Management Accounts of the council for 2019

785,745,431 Francs was raised as income with 561,905,958 Francs as expenses. The councillors adopted a deliberation that the unconsumed budget standing at 223,839,437 Francs be added to the budget of the council for 2020

The Mayor also reassured his staff that the council will regain it's site at Mbingfibieh in the months ahead. A security company will be engaged to provide security services to the council hall and the newly constructed market at Nitob. The council temporarily operates close to the judicial police office at old town Bamenda

The council will also purchase service vehicles to help facilitate the operations of the council on the field

Water and Electricity are the immediate priorities of the Mayor; "The poor will feel the impact of the council during this CPDM mandate. Water , the hygiene and sanitation of  the municipality is our top projects so far and we must do our best to see into it that we achieve all these and other projects that will be coming up"


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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