Reintegration of Ex-separatist Fighters Launched

Ex fighters with North West Administration 

The process to reintegrate Ex fighters of the DDR North West Centre has been launched in Bamenda. The process will see the ex fighters return to normal civil life after obtaining skills in Agriculture and entrepreneurship.

For one year, the ex fighters have been taught patriotism, respect of state emblems and have also undergone a counseling process for easy reintegration to the society.

Sixtus Gabsa, North West Coordinator of the DDR challenged the ex fighters to be exemplary in beahviour when they returned to normal civil life. A process he says will be done on a first come, first go basis

The senior prefect, the oldest ex fighter of the centre, salutes Government's move to begin the process;"I came here on the 27th of December 2018. one year on, I think I have the capacity to face society again."

cross section of Ex fighters

The ex fighters will be empowered to become financially independent. A move the SP says will help take out more fighters from the bushes,"some of us became fighters because of lack of jobs. With the assurance that we will live better lives, our brothers will drop their arms"

Fonye Francis, special adviser at the PM's office challenged the fighters to be exemplary in behaviour once reintegrated. A process he says will touch all of them

The DDR Centre in the North West is dire need of more dormitories and beds to accommodate ex fighters, A fence around the centre to ensure discipline and an Ambulance for any emergency


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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