Batibo Awaits New Mayor as Tanjoh Fridirick Throws in the Towel

Mayor of Batibo

The Mayor of Batibo council, Tanjoh Fridirick, has officially announced that he will not head the SDF council list for Batibo in the February 9th, 2020 Municipal and Legislative Elections

In a letter dated 16th December 2019, the Mayor cried foul to the degrading respect of people and institutions in his municipality that has seen a rise in kidnappings, demand for ransom and persecution of personalities

The Mayor highlighted the burning down of the residence of Hon Joseph Mbah Ndam, by suspected non state armed groups as a regrettable occurrence in Batibo. Those who do not share pro-separatists ideas have been tagged "big enablers"

The council list of the SDF for Batibo was rejected by Elections Cameroon, ELECAM. The Party is seeking redress at the constitutional council. A process, the Mayor says he is not interested in

Batibo Council will therefore be having a new Mayor after the 2020 twin Elections and should the list of the SDF not be included, the New Mayor will come from a different party

by Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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