Former Kodengui Tenant killed in Kumbo

Denizens of Kumbo in Bui Division of the North West Region got up on Friday July 20th, 2018 to find the lifeless body of Fondzenyuy Clearance Vernyuy.

The 20 year old who regained his freedom last year thanks to a presidential clemency was arrested at Mbah market by the military, his whereabouts was not known just for his body to be discovered Friday Morning.

Villagers have accused the military for gruesomely killing Vernyuy, who was a technician before his demise

The North West Region has recorded deaths since the start of the week with one element of the "Groupement Speciale D'operations", GSO beheaded in Wum, capital of Menchum Division. 

A video has also gone viral on social media with women burying corpses in Boyo Division.

Fondzenyuy Clearance Vernyuy, born on 5th November 1998, was first arrested with links to the civil disobedience in the North West and South West Regions but was later released among some more than 55 others last year. Medical officials examined the corpse before it's burial at PCC Mbah with aid from Kumbo Council

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