Bamenda II council 2023 Administrative, Management Accounts Approved

Mayor Chenwi Peter of Bamenda II council 

Councillors of the Bamenda II Council have adopted the 2023 Administrative and Management Accounts of the council.

The councillors unanimously voted on May 31, 2024, the accounts, balance in income and expenditure at 814 million francs CFA. 

With a budget initially projected at 1.8 billion francs CFA, the Mayor of the Bamenda II council, Chenwi Peter said the ongoing social unrest, attack on council staff, greatly contributed to the low realization of the budget.

"Revenue is generated by the council from global tax. As it stands, people are not paying the global tax. When we sent the staff of the council to go out for collections, some have been beaten, others kidnapped and kept for days by separatist fighters. You also know that the major markets within our municipality are controlled by the city council. What we have at Nitop is unoccupied at the moment. Revenue collection is really difficult so we function principally with resources from the state." Mayor Chenwi Peter said.

Partial view of the Bamenda II council Board

Despite the significant financial constraints, the Bamenda II Council was determined to utilize the 800 million CFA Francs to deliver critical infrastructure and social services to the community. Key achievements during the 2023 fiscal year include:

- Maintaining essential road networks within the municipality, ensuring connectivity and accessibility for residents
- Constructing strategic bridges, culverts, and classrooms to improve the teacher/pupil ratio.
- Installing solar-powered boreholes to improve access to clean and portable water sources for local communities.
- Providing educational materials, school supplies, and scholarships to underprivileged and internally displaced children, ensuring continuity of learning amid the crisis.

"We have made a concerted effort to focus on the education sector, renovating schools, donating furniture, and supporting students in need," Chenwi stated. "Even in these challenging times, we recognize that investing in the future of our youth is paramount to the long-term development and resilience of the Bamenda II municipality."

Councillors making pertinent request to the SDO of Mezam 

The councillors of the Municipality voted several deliberations, one to establishment of a municipal field that can be used to support Mankon United that has been revamped and will play at the Mezam Divisional League. 

A plea that was extended to the Fon of Mankon, Fo FAN Angwafo IV. This according to the councillors will improve sporting activities in the Municipality and revenue generation for the council as the facility will be rented to other sporting groups.

A plea which the Fon promised to look into so that land can be allocated for the realization of the project.

Councillors of Bamenda II also decried the overbearing nature of the city council that have taken away every available opportunity for revenue generation.

"The Main Market, Food Market and Ntarikon Market are all controlled by the City council. Where do we get money from to pay the staff of this? A.councillor wondered.

In response, the SDO of Mezam, Simon Emile said he was not in the know that any such discrepancy existed between the Bamenda II council and the city council. He called on the Mayor to call his attention should they be any controversy surrounding revenue collection between the two entities and it will be solved amicably.

Simon Emile Mooh also used the session to hammer on separatist fighters who he says have caused significant havoc over the last few weeks.

" As you know, the circulation of bikes have been banned from 6:30PM to 6:30am in Bamenda I,II and III. A snack below the maternity was attacked and people killed. Even a 16-year old girl was going to write the GCE and she was shot. These killings are unacceptable. We cannot continue to allow people to be killed just like that. I was sent here to protect people and their goods and property. This decision that will run till further notice is aimed at curbing the excesses of the separatist terrorists at night" Simon Emile Mooh said.

The SDO of Mezam also called on the councillors to sensitize the local community to register massively on the electoral register.

The mandate of the current councillors in Cameroon is due to expire in February 2025.


   Munya Charles Babila

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