Tragic 20th May celebration in Belo as separatists kill Mayor, North West Governor reacts

Governor Lele Lafrique reacting to the killing of the Mayor of Belo

The Governor of the North West Region says the assassins of Mayor Ngong Innocent of Belo will be brought to book.

The Governor made the statement shortly after 20th May celebrations in Bamenda.

According to Adolf Lele Lafrique, "measures have been taken to trace the authors of that killing and we will be informed on all the development concerning that situation." Lele said.

The Governor further stated that the Mayor and the Inspector of Basic Education, Dr Aghi Aaron Ngong, were on their way to the grand stand where they were shot to death by supposed separatists.

The late Mayor Ngong Innocent of Belo

Doctor Ngong Innocent was elected to head the Municipality of Belo in February 2020 and has brought sustainable development to the municipality despite the ravaging crisis.

Belo in the hay days of the Anglophone crisis was noted as one of the red zones with a multiplicity of separatist atrocities.

Since assuming the helm of the council, Mayor Ngong did all to ensure that peace and stability returns, ensuring that economic activities return to the once very busy three corners in Belo.

The late inspector of Basic Education, Dr Aghi Aaron Ngong 

The assassination of Mayor Ngong Innocent Ankiambom has left many unanswered questions, especially regarding what the separatists are fighting for.

Before his demise, he was the President of FECAFOOT Boyo and holds a PhD in inorganic Chemistry.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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