Incarceration of Chief Kundang Adolf: Fons of Alom Valley pleads for release

College of Fons and notables from Alom Valley

The spokesperson of the Fons of Alom Valley in Bafut subdivision, Akongwa Mejang Vincent have called on authorities of the Bamenda Military court to free the Fon of Tingoh, Kundang Adolf.

According to the Ntumfor, Chief Kundang was arrested through a setup related to chieftaincy issues and framed to be sympathizing with the Anglophone revolutionaries, Amba.

Ntumfor Mejang Vincent, spokesperson of Fons of Alom Valley 

According to Ntumfor Mejang Vincent, there was a bomb blast in Mile 32 Bafut, some 8km from Tingoh on the 20th December 2023.

"He was involved in a chieftaincy dispute. The administration of Mezam was actively involved in seeking justice so as to put order in Tingoh chieftaincy. The Fons commend the efforts of the SDO of Mezam, the DO of Bafut and the special branch commissioner that they have been very professional taking into consideration what is happening in the North West and South West Regions. Unfortunately there was a bomb blast that happened at Mile 32, some 8km from Tingoh, on December 20, 2023, which the Fons of Alom condemned with all their energy and some individuals decided to use the incident to incriminate Chief Kundang. 

"Some suggests that Chief Kundang knew this plot. Since then he has been awaiting trial for the last five months. Meanwhile the security forces know the initiators of the bomb blast and have invaded their hideout several times. 

"According to the Fons and based on the activities of chief Kundang, he was not related to the 20th December bomb blast." Mejang Vincent told the Observer.

The activities of Chief Kundang according to the college of Fons that visited him, can be traced. He has held several positions within the traditional and political setup in the subdivision and has been a strong advocate for development, reasons why the allegations against him they say cannot be true.

At the Bamenda Central prison where he has been incarcerated for five months, his colleagues were optimistic; "you're now in the University and we are sure that you will graduate in flying colours. This is the true test of leadership, standing by and for your people even in difficulty. We miss your wise counsel and we hope you rejoin us soon."

Chief Kundang Adolf, all smiles, appreciated his peers for coming to visit him and called on them to make use of the new civil status registration centre in Alom Valley and get their names registered on the electoral register.

"Remember we can reap where we did not sow. Continue to advocate for the registration of voters into the electoral register. We have a huge assignment coming. I will equally call on you my colleagues to protect the schools and health centre we have in Alom." Chief Kundang said.
His optimism was greeted with a lot of cheers from his peers who left the Bamenda Central prison with assurances that he is fine.

Chief Kundang Adolf also appreciated the CPDM Mezam IV Section Bafut for coming to the aid of his daughter also incarcerated. He updated them that she put to birth safely and the baby is doing well.

Chief Kundang Adolf has been a strong mobilizer of activities in Mezam IV Section Bafut as well as a development oriented guru whose advice and suggestions have brought so much development in Alom Valley.

His incarceration appears worrisome to many as his party faces the challenge to improve and better their scoreboard recorded in 2020.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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