Digital Sovereignty Takes Center Stage at CAMTEL's 25th Anniversary Celebrations

Judith Yah Sunday officially opening the CAMTEL SOVEREIGNTY DAY

In a momentous gathering at the Mont Fébé Hotel in Yaounde, the national telecommunications operator CAMTEL hosted its highly anticipated "CAMTEL Sovereignty Day" as part of the company's 25th-anniversary celebrations. The event, attended by government officials, private sector representatives, and development partners, focused on the strategic importance of digital sovereignty for the structural transformation of the Cameroonian economy.

The opening speech, delivered by the General Manager of CAMTEL, set the tone for the day's proceedings. Judith Yah Sunday epse Achidi, highlighted the company's journey, tracing its origins back to the merger of the former Telecommunications Directorate and the International Telecommunications Company of Cameroon in 1998. Over the past few months, CAMTEL had organized a series of thematic events, each addressing a crucial aspect of digital development in Cameroon.

"Unity, peace, and prosperity constitute essential values for Cameroon and permanent challenges in an environment marked by recurring exogenous shocks," the Director-General emphasized. She noted that the development of digital technology presents both opportunities and potential risks, underscoring the need for Cameroon to assert its digital sovereignty.

Stakeholders pose for a family photograph

The concept of digital sovereignty, as explained by the Director-General, refers to the exercise of state prerogatives in cyberspace and the promotion of technological independence and strategic autonomy. This is particularly crucial in the context of globalization, where a handful of multinational corporations dominate the digital landscape, potentially posing challenges to the country's ability to exercise its sovereign missions.

"The CAMTEL Sovereignty Day, the work of which opens today, is placed under the central theme: 'digital sovereignty: a strategic issue for the structural transformation of the Cameroonian economy," the General Manager announced. "Through this activity, the national telecommunications operator intends to contribute to the promotion of Cameroon's digital sovereignty with a view to the structural transformation of its economy."

The event's agenda is set to delve into the various facets of this strategic issue, aiming to provide recommendations that will enable Cameroon to effectively regulate the actions of global technological giants while ensuring a technological catch-up that reduces its relative dependence.

Participants at the Sovereignty day

As Judith Yah Sunday declared the CAMTEL Sovereignty Day open, she expressed her hope that the discussions and deliberations would produce relevant recommendations aligned with the targeted objectives. The event marks a significant milestone in Cameroon's journey towards digital sovereignty and the structural transformation of its economy.

According to the General Manager of CAMTEL, in other for Cameroon to achieve digital sovereignty, "CAMTEL being a hand of the government in terms of telecommunication, it is important that we sit down with all the stake holders and discuss what are the relevant activities that CAMTEL can put in place to secure the cyber space and the internet governance in the country. With the presence of multinationals such as Facebook and the others, it is important that Cameroon  should protect it's cyber space and make sure that the citizens data concerning Cameroon population and economy are safeguard "Mme Judith Yah Sunday epse Achidi told the Observer.


Munya Charles Babila

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