Bamenda II First Deputy Mayor Bags PhD

Mayor Tse Louis Angwafo, PhD

On Wednesday, May 8th, 2024, in the ASTI Hall at the University of Buea, Candidate Tse Louis Angwafo successfully defended his PhD thesis in Public Administration. The dissertation, titled "The Execution of Public Contracts for Sustainable Development in Cameroon: A Case Study of Mezam Division", examined the challenges and best practices surrounding the implementation of public contracts to drive sustainable development in the Cameroonian context.

The defense was chaired by Professor Yenshu Emmanuel from the University of Buea.

After a rigorous questioning and evaluation process, the committee unanimously rated Candidate Tse Louis Angwafor's defense as "Excellent", commending the depth of his research, the clarity of his presentation, and the potential impact of his findings on improving public contract management for sustainable development in Cameroon.

This successful defense marks a significant milestone in Tse Louis Angwafo's academic career and contributes to the growing body of knowledge in the field of public administration and sustainable development in the Cameroonian context.

In a proud moment for the Bamenda II Council, the First Deputy Mayor, Dr. Louis Angwafo, dedicated his hard-earned doctoral degree to the memory of his late father, the revered Fon Angwafor II of Mankon.

Prior to entering politics, Dr. Angwafor was a qualified jurist who had graduated from the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM). However, his path to the PhD was driven by a deeper motivation. "After joining politics, I decided to study Public Administration up to the doctoral level because I realized there was a gap between good governance and problematic practices in administration," he explained.

Dr. Angwafor believes this advanced degree has equipped him with the expertise to put good governance into practice, not just in the Northwest Region or Cameroon, but across Africa and the world. "It is a good thing that I will be representing the world as a civil, professional academic administrator of the judicial and practical nature, all in the interest of good governance," Dr. Angwafor told the Observer.

Notably, Dr. Angwafor's PhD dissertation focused on a case study of the Mezam region. He advocated for greater community involvement and ownership of development projects, arguing that this would foster sustainability. "Projects like roads are being destroyed by alleged separatist fighters who think these are government projects, when in fact they belong to the community," he explained.

The Deputy Mayor also highlighted the rarity of his achievement, noting that the University of Buea is the only institution in Cameroon that offers a doctoral program in Public Administration. "I think we are not more than two from the Northwest Region in the current academic dispensation," he added.

Mayor Chenwi Peter of the Bamenda II council praised his deputy's decision to pursue a PhD, saying "I actually appreciated the fact and I encouraged him to go ahead because the country cannot be ruled by illiterates." Mayor Chenwi himself is a master's degree student who will be graduating soon, and he believes that Cameroon needs more educated leaders to drive the country's evolution.

"As a Mayor, I left the IT department at the University of Bamenda to take on this role, and I think it's something we really need to appreciate," Chenwi said. "Cameroon is undergoing changes that require intellectuals to build up this country."

Mayor Chenwi expressed confidence that his deputy's PhD in Public Administration will allow him to "impact the community" and "change the mindsets of the community to the growth of Cameroon." Mayor Chenwi Peter said he believes the deputy fulfills the vision of the head of state for educated leaders to guide the country's progress.

With this milestone, Dr. Angwafor is poised to bring his wealth of knowledge and experience to bear in his role as First Deputy Mayor of Bamenda II Council, as he strives to bridge the gap between good governance and administrative challenges.


Munya Charles Babila

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