Minister Felix Mbayu raised to Notable in Mankon

Nkyanti Felix Mbayu poses for a photo with Fo Angwafo IV

In his maiden visit to the nations capital Yaounde, His Royal Majesty, Fo Fru Asaah Angwafo IV has decorated Minister Felix Mbayu as a notable.

The Fon handed the title of Nkyanti to the Minister Sunday 28th April 2024.

The title which means organiser, coordinator and the one who fixes recognizes the efforts of the Minister in the coordination of development activities in Bamenda and the North West Region.

Minister Felix Mbayu has organized numerous activities during the heart of the Anglophone crisis to encourage children and parents to be in school. During the Ramadan, he supported the Muslim community on numerous occasions for them to have an easy fast.

US Ambassador to Cameroon, Christopher John Lamora poses with Nkyanti Felix Mbayu 

Development projects in Mankon have always received the support of the Minister who has been termed an old town boy at the service of the community.

Perhaps what triggered the title from His Majesty the Fon, was the recent coordination of sporting activities. The 2021 triumph of PWD of Bamenda at the Cameroon cup final and the 2023 unfortunate defeat to Fovu, received exceptional mobilisation from the Minister who organized the transportation and feeding of fans, to and from Yaounde.

When PWD Bamenda lost its bus to a fire incident, resources were mobilized under the coordination of Minister Felix Mbayu and today, the Abakwa boys have an ultramodern bus that transports players and staff.

Most recently, the city of Bamenda was struck with a devastating fire. On the 22nd February 2024, the Bamenda main market went up in flames with some 300 shops lost to an inferno.

The Minister swung into action and funds are currently being collected to assist the victims.

These humanitarian and community driven works of the Minister have been saluted across the board.

Minister Felix Mbayu after decoration 

Fo Angwafo IV while decorating him, said " The Mankon people have taken note of your good works in Mankon and today, I recognise you as a notable of Mankon." Fo FAN Angwafo IV remarked.

Minister Felix Mbayu is an astute diplomat and the Minister Delegate at the Ministry of External Relations in-charge of relations with the Commonwealth.


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  1. Congratulations Nkyanti Mbayu, keep up with your good deeds.